David Nicholls《One Day》 (epub+azw3+mobi+pdf+txt格式电子书下载)-蜗牛派

David Nicholls《One Day》 (epub+azw3+mobi+pdf+txt格式电子书下载)

作者:David Nicholls



Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, casual acquaintances during their university years, spend graduation night together. It’s July 15, 1988, and their futures are up in the air. Dexter, the handsome, confident son of a well-to-do family, knows only that he wants “to be successful. . . . to live life to the extreme, but without any mess or complications” [p. 9]. Emma is determined to…

David Nicholls trained as an actor before making the switch to writing. He is the author of two previous novels—Starter For Ten and The Understudy. He has also written many screenplays for film and te
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